A one-stop solution for musculoskeletal pain

musculoskeletal painNowadays, people suffer from various issues. Injuries and pains have become common problems affecting almost every person. If you are facing the same problems then you can book an appointment with physiotherapist Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges Physio.

Quality one-to-one and all kinds of therapies are provided by the physiotherapist of this well-known clinic. They offer therapy for all types of musculoskeletal injuries and pains. Not only the symptoms, but the cause of your problem is aimed at by them.

Some of the conditions that the Dandenong Ranges Physio treats are given –

  • Back Pain

Help for lower back pain is provided by Dandenong Ranges Physio in the greater Dandenong Ranges, Mt. Dandenong and Olinda. One the most common conditions of the people are lower back pain. It is experienced by 80% of the population. Most of the patients of back pain recover within 6 weeks. But back pain even becomes chronic in some cases. Poor functioning or irritation of the joints, back muscles, ligaments and bones results in severe back pain. Inflammatory arthritis such as rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosis spondylitis are some of the other causes of back pain.

  • Neck Pain

Help for neck pain is also provided by the experienced and qualified physiotherapists of Dandenong Ranges Physio. The solution to neck pain, neck stiffness and neck ache is provided by these physiotherapists with the help of their proven physiotherapy approach. Neck pain is also a very common issue that people suffer from. Shoulder pain, headache, jaw pain and upper back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome can also be caused if you have problems within the neck.

  • Headache

As headaches are very common, so people think it is okay to ignore them. You should not use pain medication for a long period of time as it can be dangerous to your health. Your headache is not solved by medication. A short term solution is simply offered by the medication to reduce the pain. Two most common types of headaches are migraine and tension headaches. Sinus headache, exertion headache, rebound headache and cluster headache are included in the other types of headache.

  • Shoulder Pain

Your movement can be limited by painful shoulder condition. Injuries that affect tendons, cartilage ligaments, muscles and shoulder joint mainly cause shoulder pain. Due to the high flexibility of shoulder, it is affected by most of the injuries. The pain in the shoulder is commonly contributed by a condition of Vertebral Dysfunction. A full physical, neurological and orthopedic examination of the cervical, thoracic spine and shoulder is conducted by the physiotherapist for determining the cause of the shoulder pain.

  • Sciatica

Back pain from the lower back to both the legs is termed as Sciatica. The frequency and intensity differ in case of sciatic nerve pain. Numbness, tingling, sensations and burning are involved in sciatica pain. Coughing, bending, sneezing and lifting can make sciatica worse.

These are some of the services that are provided by the physiotherapist of Dangeong Ranges Physio in Olinda.