Benefits of electric adjustable beds

electric adjustable bedAdequate and peaceful sleep is needed by each and every person to lead a healthy and energetic life. In order to get right sleep, beds, pillows and mattresses play a vital role. Back to sleep is a renowned company that has mattress and pillow specialists. Your bedroom environment and comfort can be controlled by just touching a button of these electric beds. These are adjustable beds by which TV mode, inbuilt full body vibration and ‘Zero G’ position are featured. You can get a limited warranty of 20 long years with the purchase of adjustable electric beds. You can also avail a wide range of designer colours with free installation and home delivery.

Why purchase electric beds?

Elevated sleeping

According to many researchers, elevated sleeping has a number of health benefits. You can have an uninterrupted sleep every night by positioning your head a bit elevated. Snoring and sleep apnea can be prevented by sleeping in this elevated position. It helps to enhance your respiration process, so that you do not snore while sleeping.

Assistance of electric beds

You will be allowed to take pressure off your spine and lower back by the bed position called ‘Zero G’. You can do it with the help of a button. Your problem areas will be relaxed and blood circulation throughout your body will be increased by Zero G. For this, you have to keep your legs above your heart. Problems like lower back pain, poor circulation, immobility, restless legs, lower limb swelling, reflux, asthma, diabetes, snoring, indigestion, sleep apnea, hip, knee and ankle pain can be resolved by sleeping on adjustable beds.

Selecting right bed

One-third of your life is spent in sleeping. So, it is very important to ensure quality sleep. You must invest in perfect bed to make sure that you get a peaceful sleep. Electric and adjustable beds are the best kinds of beds to not only make your sleep peaceful, but also to solve many of your health issues. Vibration, elevation and Zero G qualities are featured by the electric beds.

Relaxing vibration

These electric beds come with built-in vibration therapy feature. Your pains and aches are now can be cured with the relaxing massage settings of adjustable beds. This feature also has six intensity levels, so that you can get the massage according to your choice. The timer for 10, 20 and 30 minutes can also be set by you with the help of three-time setting features, so that you can enjoy the muscle relaxing massage.

Wireless remote controller

You can get your own wireless controller to operate your own activities like watching TV, working, relaxing or reading a book. You will also be allowed to move your adjustable bed with the help of Reading, Flat, TV, Zero G feature buttons.

A variety of colours are also available in the market to choose from. Silver grey, soft beige, charcoal night and midnight black are the four designer colours that can be chosen by you.

Thus, get in contact with back to sleep to choose the right electric adjustable bed for yourself.