How physiotherapy could help you?

physiotherapyAre you suffering from physical pain? Everyone in this world has experienced severe pain several times in their life. Here you will find how physiotherapy can be a good treatment for your pain. Physiotherapy can cure pains like:

  • neck pain
  • head ache
  • back pain
  • shoulder pain
  • sciatica
  • sport injuries
  • pain in the ankle or foot
  • sprains
  • incontinence
  • Lymphoedema


Every physiotherapy treatment first requires the knowledge of the source that is causing the suffering. For knowing that source some prior tests are done. These tests will be done by your physiotherapist to know about your medical history. Sometimes spinal, neurological and orthopedic examinations are also done to know about the present status of the pain. To treat any pain, the physiotherapist also takes tests like MRI, X-rays etc. Let’s take two examples of common pains and find out their scope of treatment in physiotherapy.

Low back pain:

Back pain is a very common type of pain and nearly 80% of the whole world’s population faces this pain at a certain time in their life. Generally the pain will naturally stop by itself in 6-7 weeks. But sometimes the normal back pain can gradually turn into chronic pain. It can be caused due to inadequate function of ligaments, bones, joints, muscles or spinal cord. It can also be caused if you have somehow irritated your nerve structures which are present at the lower back’s end. Physiotherapy Bendigo is a good example of a physiotherapy centre which provides relieve from back pain.

For this kind of pain, physiotherapist will first try to find out the cause behind the pain. For knowing the reason they will conduct several radiography tests and digital scanning. After doing full assessments they will target the problem and will suggest cold/heat therapy, exercise for strengthening, stretching etc.

Neck pain:

In general neck pain occurs due to the bad posture of a person. So to begin with getting rid of neck pain, you have to correct your posture. With the help of physiotherapy, you can align your spinal cord according to your neck. In a natural alignment, the weight of the head is balanced evenly on seven neck bones. The muscles of the neck work very hard to sustain the balance alignment, but when you try some awkward position at that moment your neck muscle relax. After your muscle gets relaxed, the balance between your whole spinal structures disrupts and cause irritation and pain in the neck muscles.

After doing proper assessment, a good physiotherapist can make a routine plan for treatment which will restore the movement in the neck, reduce pressure and can prevent it from reoccurring. Some common treatments are:

  1. Heat and ice treatment
  2. Message for neck
  3. Advice on posture to reduce the further strains
  4. Strengthening routines for neck
  5. Usage of contour pillow for correcting the posture during sleeping.
  6. Neck exercise
  7. Proper spinal movement exercises to recover properly.

If you are suffering from pain and no medicines are doing any good work, then give a chance to physiotherapy. Maybe it’ll act as a miracle for you and cure that old pain that you always wanted out of your system.