How to pop a pimple safely

How to pop a pimple safelyAn acne prone skin is the most hassling skin type of all. Not only does it irritate the skin a lot, the pimples tend to refuse to go away easily and also leave marks at time. Now, when a new pimple comes up, the right advice is to not poke it at all and let it go down in its own time. That way, chances of it leaving a mark are lessened. Also, it also prevents any possible infection due to breaking the skin prematurely. But, there are times when you just cannot afford to have that bulbous pimple on your face. In times like these you have to pop the pimple. but before that, it is important you know how to pop a pimple safely. Otherwise, the infection might be unavoidable.

Making sure the pimple is ready to pop

It is understandable that the moment a pimple comes up, you feel like popping it to make it go away. But, this is not a good idea. Even for popping, the pimple needs to be sufficiently ready. If the pimple has just come out, then it is not at all ready. You need to wait for a couple of days, until it has matured a little. When it does, you will be able to see a whitehead on top of it. When you see this, you will know that the pimple is ready to pop.

Ensuring the sanitary conditions

Before you begin the actual procedure of popping the pimple, it is important to maintain the cleanliness and sanitary standards. So, first of all gather the things you would need to pop the pimple and clean them. You can use a simple sewing needle for pricking the pimple. But first, you would need to sterilize it. You will need clean tissue papers for popping the pimple fluids out. Make sure you clean the pimple and its surrounding area with an antiseptic lotion and clean cotton. Do not rub the area too hard. Just gently pat it dry, once the cleaning is done.

Popping the pimple

Now we come to the actual pimple popping process. For this, you need to first gently prick the whitehead area with the needle. Do not jab the needle in. just keep pricking at the whitehead area gently, until you see an opening. Now, take the tissue papers and using then with your index fingers to gently press the sides of the pimple to push the fluid or pus out. Be gentle about this and let the fluid come out I nits own time. Massage the areas all around the pimple, so that no fluid remains inside the pimple. once all the fluid is out, you will find the pimple deflated.

Finishing up

Now that you are done popping the pimple, it is time to clean the area up again. So, take the antiseptic lotion and clean the deflated pimple and the areas around it. Be very gentle about it. Thereafter, you can apply any soothing acne treatment solution on it to keep infections away.