Increase the Pleasure during Sex with Simple Methods

Pleasure during SexMany women are worried about their loose vagina. Many times I have found women asking their friends and near ones “how do you tighten your vagina.” Before you come to know how to tighten, it is important to know why it gets loose. Main reason is age and child birth. With age, the muscle of women loses its grip and hence resulting in loose vagina. And the result of loose vagina is that women get less pleasure while sex and, many times it even leaks your bladder. It may lead to wetting of your panties even when you sneeze.

Thus, it is quite obvious that women ask each other how do you tighten up your vagina. There are many methods with which you can do it. Depending upon your situation and health you can easily choose one method among these.

Through Plastic surgery

The most modern method of tightening up of the vagina is through plastic surgery. With it, the solution to the problem can be achieved in a short time. However, although it’s a quick fix, it too comes with several downfalls. First being that the recovery time after such surgery would be quite long, and you have to abstain yourself from sex during that period. Moreover, during surgery, to remove the matter excess tissue is removed. Thus, while doing sex, the sensation must become less. It may lead to loss of interest in a sexual relationship in the long run. Apart from that, plastic surgery is costly, and it may be difficult for most women to afford it. Hence, although it gives the solution very quick the result, after spending quite an amount on it may not be satisfactory.

By special devices

Another way by which you can tighten your vagina is by using special devices which are made for this purpose. These are inserted inside the vagina which grips the walls of the vagina. They are available in the local sex shops; however, if you feel embarrassed about buying them straight then you can search them online too. With these, you grip and release your vagina as if you are lifting weights. Just like doing exercise, start with less number of sets and then continue to do more.

By exercising

The most common and the effective method for tightening vagina are by doing Kegel exercise. This exercise aims to strengthen the Kegel muscles that are responsible for controlling of the bladder. If you want to know where your Kegel muscles are, then sit on the toilet and start urinating. After some flows stop and then again start. Once you repeat this process, you would know where the muscles are and how to control them.

Hence, once you know the way to tighten your vagina you can be satisfied during your sex life. It would make yours and yours partner’s sexual relationship more prominent. When the elasticity of your vagina would be restored, you can have a better life with your partner and yourself feel complete. Sex would then be a satisfying experience for both of you just like earlier days.