Matthew Mohwinkel

With an extensive legal background, and extensive training in many areas, clients in search of the best will find director Matthew Mohwinkel to be a great choice. With an executive law degree, and experience in establishing a relationship with large corporations and law firms, he can help your company penetrate the market, and make the right changes, to ensure they are bringing in the highest profits. With experience in guiding and advising, he is going to help your company develop the right plan, and help you to enter the market, reach out target customers, and attract the right niche customer, to ensure the highest profits in your line of work and in your industry.

From 2009 to 2011 Matthew Mohwinkel also worked as a business development professional. He represented XLS (Xerox) in litigation, and worked as a major lead in legal services department, as a leader in the global market. While working with XLS, and living in New York,  Matthew Mohwinkel also sold his services in doing discovery work, processing, assessing client cases, hosting, and working with an array of Fortune 100 companies, to assist them in their legal services. He also assisted 10 law firms, and 25 corporations, and 5 business executives, in developing their product, and in expanding services across the US.

Prior to working with Xerox, he worked with his own business development firm in New York, from 2005 to 2008, offering financial advisory services to his customer base. In addition to these financial services,  Matthew Mohwinkel also provided clients with litigation consulting, and how to help companies increase their annual revenues. He also was the first business development manager to receive dictatorship, and this was done after he had been with the firm for less than 3 years, and by training 15 business development staff members, in their respective post for their companies.

Additionally, he worked as a foreign corrupt services act line leader, where he managed a global plan, helping in driving of profits, and increasing the profits from the previous year by a total of 250 %. Small business development posts, and working with small firms which included Merrill Corporation and LawVault, was work that Matthew Mohwinkel did early on in his career, as he was entering the legal and business development world, and prior to taking on larger cases, bigger clients, and working on more complex cases, as his career advanced, and as more and more big name companies sought out his legal services and assistance.

As a lawyer in New York, he has become one of the biggest names in the legal world, and in his field of work, helping clients in business development, profit and revenue increases, and in international fields of work as well. With an extensive background, a fairly extensive legal career, and having worked with several big name companies over the years, has made Matthew Mohwinkel one of the top, sought after attorneys, in his line of work. From developing businesses and building profit margins, to training clients in the business field, he has expertise in many areas, and in many fields of work.