The best mattress to suit your comforts

mattressesSleeping positions vary from person to person depending ones comfort level. Depending on our acquired habits, the position we sleep in, fall into three categories – back, side or stomach. While some people keep changing their sleeping position, most tend to maintain a singular position throughout the night. The main predominant position you sleep in should help you decide what type of mattress you should buy to compliment it.

For those who sleep on their side, there are pros and cons to it. The biggest advantage is that this is one of the healthiest positions to sleep in because it helps reducing acid reflux. This is one of the reasons pregnant women are often advised to sleep on their side. It also facilitates better blood circulation and considerably reduces the amount of pressure on your lungs.

For those who are prone to the habit of snoring, sleeping on your side helps you lower the chances of you snoring and gives you a healthier and comfortable silent sleep for both, you and your partner. However, sleeping on your side does have its drawbacks. The main problem people who sleep on their side face are the aches and pain in your shoulder and hips caused by constant pressure on those areas. Those who use traditional spring mattresses will be more familiar with this problem because the mattress does not help cushion those pressure points across your body.

What you need to make sure is that the mattress provides support and pressure point relief. A softer mattress that allows your bed to contour and cradle the pressure points is always recommended. If the bed is too firm your shoulders and hips will be exposed to excess strain and will disturb the alignment of your spine. However, if the bed is too soft you will experience a hammocking effect which will aggravate the problem.

Keeping this problem in mind, experts suggest using a proper memory foam mattress which helps reducing the pressure on the core areas of concern, are the best mattress for side sleepers. Memory foam is a specialized type of foam which helps in evenly distributing the body weight thereby, contouring the pressure points and reducing the likelihood of any pain. These mattresses are usually 2 to 6 inches thick supported by a poly foam base.

There are various types of memory foams. The best and highly recommended type is the gel-infused mattresses, which are usually made of co-polymer gel and designed in a honeycomb shape that not only absorbs and relieves pressures for side sleepers, but also supports the rest of the body. The material should be all-natural and hypo-allergenic. Memory foam relieves the pain, but is also durable and comfortable. However, most people refrain from investing in it because of its heavy weight and the heat and odor which often puts buyers off.

If you’re looking into other options, bear in mind that the mattress should be medium to soft designed to support the pressure points and also the spine. Bearing all these in mind, you should go home and wake up feeling refreshed and pain free.