The power of a grip

grip strengthTo be strong does not mean to have a huge or muscular physique. In fact it has more to deal with tough muscle strength. Especially when benching, one needs to have powerful forearms and fingers in support of a grip since the strength applied comes from the hand. Gripping power is a combination of strength powered through the forearm and the wrist and through regular practice is how to increase grip strength. While trying to keep fit or at sports practice, emphasis is not provided at developing a strong grip. This helps attain a much better grip and provides for a solid punch during a fighting contest.

So regular exercise and building up one’s muscle strength, is a sure way of how to increase grip strength. A strong hand grip signifies great strength as it associates with power. Moreover, there are a number of exercises that help in developing a powerful grip. Do follow the instructions provided:

A few requisites

  • Hand grips – extra strong
  • Two towels
  • Two tennis balls
  • Wraps for supporting the wrist
  1. Utilize the hand grips. These cost roughly about $10 a pair and are available in almost all sports merchandise stores. This is usually a 4 or 5 inch long metal piece that forms the alphabet A, when pressed together. A coil atop joins these two pieces of metal strips together. Just press and grip the two metal pieces together and then let loose. They retreat back to the original point. As a result, the muscles at the forearm, hand and wrist are exercised and are able to be performed while glued to the television or at the desk.
  2. By utilizing a pull-up rod or bar and the two towels, keep on practicing and focus on the power of the grip. Cover the area with those towels usually gripped by the hands rather than directly clinging to the rod or bar. At this moment, start to pull-up a hand by gripping each towel. The wrists and hands are focused on the exercise.
  3. One more exercise is with the two tennis balls where they are being replaced by the towels with further pull-ups. By holding on to the tennis balls with the fingers, perform pull-ups at the same time the tennis balls are atop the bar by pressing the bar with the palms, slightly. The pressure is felt on the tips of the finger, when performed accurately.
  4. While exercising to get better grip strength and for being sure the wrists have gained sufficient strength, different wrist work outs are to be done. When performing wrist curls, utilize weight measures that are appropriate. By using the wrist in place of the biceps, curl the wrists whilst holding the weights. Initially, start of by using light weights and then gradually increase, when required.

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Be extra cautious while doing these work-outs. One might start feeling weak due to lack of concentration. Focusing on the various exercises improves health and wellbeing as regular practice will make one perfect.