Ways of increasing testosterone level naturally

increasing testosterone level naturallyThe human body contains a main anabolic hormone called testosterone. It affects the hair growth, bone density, muscle cells growth, dominance, physical strength and aggression. All the manly traits are basically characterised by testosterone. About ten times more testosterone is produced by men than women. For this reason, manly amounts of muscle mass cannot be gained by the women naturally. Testosterone is produced by men in the testicles and it is produced by women in the ovaries.

The synthesis of protein is also carried on by testosterone. Muscle tissues are rebuilt from amino acids with the help of testosterone. Vitamin C increases testosterone. You have to optimize your testosterone levels in order to lead a healthy life.

Some of the ways to increase testosterone naturally are described as follows –

  • Avoid cardio and lift heavy

You should always opt for heavy compound and multi jointed exercises in order to increase testosterone. More testosterone is produced by high intensity workouts. Other anabolic hormones such as growth hormone and insulin are also produced by heavyweight exercises. Learn the techniques of lifting heavy weapons to increase the level of testosterone in your body. Exercises like dead lift, squat, shoulder presses, bench and rows will help you to gain muscle mass and strength.

  • Eat saturated fats and cholesterol

Testosterone is made up of cholesterol. Consume more saturated fats and cholesterol to increase your testosterone level. Avoid eating low fat diets as testosterone levels can be decreased by this. Make your lifestyle delicious to enjoy the high level of testosterone. Testosterone production is stimulated by retinol. Impressive testosterone results are produced by the combination of vitamin A, K2 and D. Egg yolks and grass fed butter are the great sources of vitamin K2. Internal organs like brain and liver are the great sources of saturated fats, cholesterol and retinol.

  • Avoid unnecessary stress and optimize your sleep

Cortisol is elevated and testosterone production is decreased by bad sleep. Tissues are broken down by a catabolic hormone called cortisol. Under the condition of stress, cortisol is pumped by the brain. You should relax and sleep adequately to increase the level of testosterone in your body. The testosterone level is also affected by excessive aerobic activity and overtraining. When you sleep, most of the testosterone is produced in your body. About 8-9 hours of quality and deep sleep is needed by all the people every night.

  • Get enough sunlight

While you walk in sunlight, Vitamin D is produced in your body. Exposure to direct sunlight is very much needed to increase the testosterone level in your body. You can also intake Vitamin D in the form of an artificial supplement to meet this purpose. Bioactive testosterone, free testosterone and total testosterone can be produced in your body by exposing your skin directly to the sunlight.

Live a healthy life by increasing the level of testosterone in your body naturally and by following all the above mentioned ways properly.